Patricia Carazo

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Favorite memory at SPS - When students talk to me in Spanish and they are proud to make full sentences and maintain a conversation!


Hobbies outside of school - I love reading at the beach, doing cross-stitch, and traveling


¡Hola!  I was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, and after studying Marketing, I moved to Boston, where I worked in banking for several years. Seeking to expand my skill set, I became certified as a cognitive trainer, allowing me to maximize each student’s potential based on his or her unique traits and characteristics.


What inspired you to become a teacher? My transition into education occurred when I began volunteering at my daughters’ school, fulfilling a lifelong desire to teach. I have been able to teach children, focusing on the Spanish Language, since 2007. In teaching a foreign language, I aim to educate students about different cultures and to instill in them the importance of acceptance, respect, and recognition of individual differences. 


"As the Spanish teacher and Director of After School my goal in engaging students is to provide a safe, positive, and nurturing environment, to not only learn a language but to explore and develop a sensitivity to and appreciation for different cultures."


Interesting fun fact about you - I have a sand collection from beaches around the world! It is amazing the color differences and textures that our mother Earth has and it reflects the surrounding regional and local environments. Each beach sand is unique as it is our diversity around the world. 

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