Grade 3 Curriculum


Third Grade has a Balanced Literacy Block everyday. We focus on small reading groups based on reading levels. In reading groups, we work on strengthening comprehension, making connections, predicting, retelling, and reading with expression. We also focus on Vocabulary, Grammar, Poetry, and Writing.



Third Grade uses the Sadlier Math Program. This program helps students understand, apply, and master mathematical concepts. We focus this year on problem solving, place value, multiplication, division, and geometry.



Third grade uses the Nancy Larson Science series. The topics covered for the year include Exploring Our Solar System, Investigating Elements and Compounds, Observing Physical Changes, Investigating Changes in Our Atmosphere, Exploring the Earth’s Structure, Examining the Structure and Function of Parts of Seed Plants, and Investigating Amphibians and Reptile



Third grade uses the Sadlier We Believe program. It is used weekly to nurture the students’ relationship with Jesus. We cover four units: Jesus gave us the Church, We are members of the Church, The Church leads us in worship, and We are called to Discipleship.



As a class we will explore different communities, both past and present. In Third grade at St. Peter School, we use Pearson. The units covered this year are:


Our Communities, Our Environment, Communities Build a Nation, U.S. Government, Citizenship, A Growing Nation, Working in our Communities, Celebrating our Communities.


In addition, students in third grade participate in gym, computer class, library, Spanish, music and art.