Grade 2 Curriculum


Guided reading is used in the classroom in small-group instruction and for independent reading. This allows the teacher to work closely with each student to help them become better readers by introducing them to increasingly challenging books while meeting the varying instructional needs of each child in the room through guided reading. Students are assessed and receive their reading level based on the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) three times a year. Fun and interesting literacy and reading comprehension lessons, as well as book studies, are constructed to meet the standards in unique and interesting ways. 



Writing is a critical skill developed in Second Grade. For each writing assignment, students have three goals: mechanics, organization, style, and content. Students use the Voyages in English curriculum to enhance mechanic skills, while writers workshops are used to further develop organization, style, and content. 



Phonics instruction is still very important for Second Grade as it is the study of how letters are linked to sounds, linking letters to form words, identifying spelling patterns and much more to further success in both reading and writing. The students use the Sadlier Phonics workbooks and follow the Curriculum to meet the standards. The curriculum focuses on cvc, ccvc, cvcc words, long vowels, irregular phonic patterns, and sight words. 



In Second Grade we are using the Sadlier-Oxford Progress in Mathematics textbooks and workbooks. This textbook is made up of lessons that follow the Common Core State Standards, plus additional lessons for further instruction or fun activities. The textbook is separated into 12 chapters, each one relating to a different section of standards. Addition and Subtraction Facts, Place Value to 100, Data and Graphs: Using Operations, Addition: Two-Digit Numbers, Subtraction: Two-Digit Numbers, Geometry. Money and Time, Place Value to 1000, Addition and Subtraction: Three- Digit Numbers, Fractions and Probability, Measurement and Multiplication and Division. We use the textbooks in class and then the workbooks for homework.



Second grade uses the Nancy Larson Science series. The topics covered for the year include Investigating the Physical Properties of Matter, Observing Rocks and Minerals, Investigating Forces and Work, Examining Simple Machines, Exploring Sound and Light, and Investigating Birds.



Students use Pearson’s myWorld Social Studies. As a class, students learn about communities and our country, people and places, the world around us, different cultures, American’s past, America’s heroes. Students will use their workbook to develop and understanding of society past and present and also learn how to navigate nonfiction text through various activities in class.

In addition, students in second grade participate in gym, computer class, library, Spanish, music and art.