Grade 5 Curriculum


At any given time throughout the year your child could be working, writing, building, researching and creating any number of projects. I’ve met with great success in the past with project based learning here in grade five. Whether it be writing and presenting a report on their “Mystery City” or creating an actual board game based on a novel of their choosing, we will explore and nurture your child’s creativity.


Journal Writing

Just about each day will start with a journal prompt. Students are responsible for each days prompt. If they do not get a chance to finish it in the morning they should consider it homework at the end of the day. I will collect journals every two weeks for grading. (Grading is based on completion of said journal prompts, that criteria has been met, and overall effort) It is important that students stay on top of their journals and complete them each day. We will be doing a substantial amount of writing this year in grade five and having the daily journal prompt is a great way to find your writing voice.


Preparation and Organization

These two skills are a linchpin to success at any level. Please make sure your child is equipped for success on a daily basis by arriving on time with all of his/her materials.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. It is my goal this year to prepare each student to meet every academic and social challenge that will come his or her way. As we enter this three-way partnership (student-teacher-parent) I look forward to seeing the growth and confidence that comes from hard work, good citizenship and academic accomplishment.