Grade 4 Curriculum


Grade 4 has a literacy block every day that is either reading or writing.



  • Reading will be broken into 2 parts.
  • Students will have the opportunity to read in small, guided reading groups based on reading level.
  • Students will be using the Progress in ELA curriculum. This supplemental program provides standards-based instruction, scaffold practice, and varied assessment options for grade-specific learning objectives.


  • Students will be using the Voyages in English writing curriculum this year. Offering unparalleled content and exceptional teacher support, the new program is aligned with Common Core State Standards and correlated to the National Council of Teachers of English Standards. Voyages in English ensures mastery of skills and empowers students to become critical thinkers and effective writers, speakers, and listeners.




  • Grade 4 will continue to use Sadlier’s Vocabulary Workshop curriculum. This curriculum introduces high-utility and academic vocabulary in context and promotes students’ understanding of these words with multiple exposures. It also builds Word Study skills through reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities—both in digital and print.


  • This year, there is a new grammar curriculum. Fourth graders will be using the Voyages In English curriculum and grammar will be woven into writing.


  • Peter uses the religion program Sadlier’s We Believe. It will be used weekly to nurture your child’s relationship with Jesus. Students will study 4 units in religion this year: Growing in Jesus Christ, The Commandments Help Us to Love God, The Commandments Help Us to Love Others and We Are Called to Holiness.


  • Students will take part in a daily math lessons and receive math homework almost every weeknight. This year the fourth graders will be using the new Sadlier-Oxford Progress in Mathematics Program. This program will help students discover, master, and apply mathematical concepts.
  • Students will focus on topics such as: perimeter, area, volume, decimals, geometry, place value, addition and subtraction concepts, multiplication and division, measurement, statistics/probability and fractions.


  • The fourth graders will be using the Nancy Larson science program.
  • The units covered in grade 4 include: Characteristics Of Cells, Classifying Plants, Characteristics of Animals, Examining Ecosystems, Exploring Energy, and Investigating Electricity.


  • In social studies, we will be studying the Pearson MyWorld Social Studies: Regions of Our Country curriculum. The topics we will study include: Geography of the United States, American History, U.S Government, Our Nation’s Economy, and the nation’s northeast, southeast, midwest, southwest, and west regions.