Ms. Julie Songer

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Undergraduate Degree - Wheelock College


I am the K2 teacher at SPS! I have an undergraduate degree from Wheelock College! I love how the parents are involved with their child’s teacher and come to support the school through fundraisers.


My Hobbies include walking, going to Cape Cod each summer with my family, singing, playing the guitar and volunteering In many church activities! A fun fact is I Love the color Purple and to bake. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher because I had a fun and warm kindergarten teacher who actually played the guitar, had long brown hair and loved children! I told her I wanted to be like her some day and I did! I fulfilled my dream!


"I am proud to mention that my mom graduated from St. Peter’s eighth grade class in 1947 as well as my aunt and 2 uncles following behind her."

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