Dr. Evan Kristiansen, Head of School

Evan Kristiansen

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Interesting fun fact about me -

I was born in Norway and lived there until I was about 11 years old. 


Education - B.S. from University of the Pacific

 M.S. from University of the Pacific

Ph.D. from Boston University


Path to SPS -  I see my path to SPS as being part of a larger journey that has been focused on teaching and teaching effectiveness that really started in my Graduate Studies. When I joined SPS, I had already been teaching for 12 years, and that whole time I had been focused on ways to make my own teaching (and eventually the teaching of my graduate advisees) more effective. Now I have the opportunity to do the same at Saint Peter School!


"I love teaching at SPS because seeing the smile of a student makes all of the hard work worthwhile."


Hobbies outside of school - I am a professional wedding photographer in my spare time; I also enjoy all things computer related and enjoy building and repairing computer hardware.

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