Wish List Information

Dear Parents of the Saint Peter School Community,

We hope all of your children are off to a great start this academic year. It’s been so fun to see old and new friends and faces in the hallways!

One of the functions of the Parent Association (PA) is to support our amazing teachers and staff and help them provide the best school and educational experience for our kids.  Our dedicated teachers are one of the main reasons we as parents chose a Saint Peter education for our children.  

According to a 2018 Department of Education survey, teachers reported spending an average of $480 of their own money in a given year on school supplies for their classrooms.  We know our teachers here at St. Peter School are no different than those surveyed.  Their willingness to go above and beyond is incredible whether it is with supplies for a class party, fun rewards, a box of pencils or a copy of a book for a research project. As a way to support their commitment to our school, the PA, with teacher input, has created Amazon “wish lists” with these small and even large ticket items for each classroom/teacher. 

We all want the best for our children and teachers, but often in our busy lives, we find it hard to pinpoint an easy and efficient way to give back. Our hope is that these organized wish lists will make it easy for all of us to show our appreciation to our teachers by addressing specific areas of need in the classroom.  These lists will be updated regularly to reflect current needs and could be a source of inspiration for holiday and end of the year gifts as well.  Let’s get shopping and show thanks for the teachers who for make Saint Peter School a place where our children thrive every single day! 


Wendy Burns & Kathyr Ranger, Co-Chairs of the Parent Association

You can view the list for each teacher and staff member here:  

Advancement – Ms. Eve Loncar-Encinas

After School – Ms. Carazo

Art – Ms. Hanley

Elementary Science – Mr. Ciarlet

General – St. Peter School

K1 – Ms. Songer

K2 – Ms. Miller

Grade 1 – Ms. Sminkey

Grade 2 – Ms. Consigli

Grade 3 – Ms. Petersen

Grade 4 Ms. Dieckman

Grade 5 – Mr. Smith

Grade 6 Ms. Hopp

Grade 7 – Mr. Gray

Grade 8 – Ms. Adams

Grades 5 & 6 Math – Mr. O’Donnell

Middle School Science – Ms. Davis

Middle School Social Studies – Ms. MacAdams

Music – Mr. Zimmer

Physical Education – Mr. O’Donnell

Reading Specialist – Ms. Kinkead

Resource Specialist – Ms. Gurry-Axtman

School Nurses – Ms. Shaughnessy & Ms. Smith

Spanish – Ms. Carazo

Technology & Library – Ms. England-Castro

Notes on Shipping:

1.      Wish lists work like a wedding/baby registry. Things like quantity needed are listed. Once an item is purchased from a list it is automatically taken off the list.

2.      Some teachers requested items not available on Amazon such as educational subscriptions or crafts from Oriental Trading Post.  Check out the “notes” section at the top of a teacher page to see these.  Formatting the notes section is no easy task so apologies for the presentation. 

3.      The shipping address for the school is 96 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138 and the phone number is (617) 547-0101.

4.      Please note the teacher/classroom as the recipient. We all know sometimes Amazon is quirky so if you include a gift note in the box as well that would be helpful.

5.      The school Tax ID # is 11623763.