K2 Teacher Ms. Alicia Guide

K2 Teacher Ms. Alicia Guide

K2 Aide Mrs. Kathy Smith

K2 Aide Mrs. Kathy Smith

Welcome to K2!

K2 Curriculum at St. Peter School

Ms. Guide

Phonics and Handwriting

K2 uses Wilson Fundations, a multisensory, structured language program which includes letter formation, phonological and phonemic awareness, and phonics. Each week, I will introduce two or three lowercase letters; students will learn the sound or sounds associated with each letter and how to write the letter. Later in the year, the students will be introduced to digraphs (two letters that spell one sound) and blends, learn how to separate words into syllables and syllables into sounds, tap out words, and read and spell CVC (Consonant Vowel Consonant) words.


St. Peter School is using a new math program for K2 this school year (2017-2018): Sadlier’s Progress in Mathematics. This program aligns with Common Core standards and teaches students problem-solving strategies and higher-order thinking skills. The kindergarten math curriculum includes sorting; geometry and patterns; positions (such as above/below, left/right); identifying, writing, ordering and comparing numbers 0-31; tables, graphs and fractions; addition and subtraction; money; time; measurement; and counting to 100 by ones, twos, fives, tens, odd numbers and even numbers. Students participate in daily, whole-group lessons using math manipulatives and worksheets, and explore hands-on math centers which allow for small-group lessons and differentiated instruction.

Reading and Literacy Centers

Students will participate in small, guided reading groups at their instructional levels, and listen to and discuss books during class read alouds of big books, picture books, and nonfiction stories. K2 will also work on making books which include sight words (high frequency words) and CVC words. During our literacy block, K2 also rotates through literacy centers which include stamping letters, forming words with Playdoh, a listening station with books and CDs, and educational word games such as Jr. Boggle.

Writer’s Workshop

Students will learn to express themselves through written language and illustrations. Classroom writing assignments include “Weekend Report,” bookmaking, and journaling. Each student will develop a writing portfolio over the course of the school year.


K2 students will explore hands-on centers and conduct simple science experiments which will give them the opportunity to ask questions, make observations, record evidence, and use scientific concepts to find solutions to problems. The children will also participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) centers, and learn about scientists and engineers during read alouds of nonfiction and fiction books (such as Ada Twist Scientist by Andrea Beaty).

Social Studies

Integrated across the curriculum, K2’s social studies program includes U.S. symbols and holidays, holidays and traditions in other parts of the world (such as Chinese New Year), social skills, All About Me presentations, family traditions, and community workers.


Through daily practice, K2 students will learn several prayers, including The Our Father, The Hail Mary, and the Guardian Angel Prayer. The class also says Grace before snack and lunch, attends Mass once a week on Thursday mornings and uses Sadlier’s We Believe workbook for religion lessons.


Each afternoon in K2, the children will spend a half hour participating in hands-on centers for math, literacy, science or STEM, and art. The centers often have a unifying theme which is tied to a children’s book or an area of study (such as insects, holidays, Dr. Seuss’ birthday).

Red Folders

Please check your child’s red folder each day for any papers that come home and send the folder, along with any forms that need to be returned, back to school in your child’s backpack.


Please read to or with you child for at least 10 minutes every night.

Social-Emotional Skills

In K2, we educate the whole child. Learning to master social-emotional skills– such as listening and self-control– are just as important as academic subjects. I use a variety of strategies and incentives to encourage the children to be kind and respectful each other, as well as their teachers and their school. These include a class marble jar and a class kindness wreath, and individual punch cards. When a student receives 20 heart punches on his or her punch card for going above what is asked or making good choices, the child can choose a prize from the prize box. I also teach the children that there are consequences to their actions. The first week of school, the children, Mrs. Smith and I worked together to come up with a list of class rules. When the kids signed the rules, they agreed that if they choose not to follow them, the consequence will be to “take 5,” which is a five-minute timeout to think about their actions and how to make better choices. To help students who are struggling to follow the rules, I use sticker charts on a case-by-case basis.


K2 attends art, music, library, computer, Spanish and gym class once a week. Students also enjoy a weekly reading time with their 3rd grade book buddies. On Fridays, please remember to send your child to school wearing sneakers and a gym uniform. Thank you. Mrs. Kinkead, our reading specialist, will also be working with me to provide your children with differentiated instruction. This will appear on your child’s report card as a separate subject called “Reading Lab.”


On a child’s birthday, he or she will take home K2’s “Birthday Bag” for one night. Inside the bag are books about birthdays written by Dr. Seuss, Eric Carle, and H.A. Rey. Each student will also receive a birthday crown, a bookmark and a pencil to keep. Parents are welcome to send in a small, nut-free treat on your child’s birthday. Students with summer birthdays will get to choose a day to celebrate during June.

Bailey the Beluga Whale

K2’s class “mascot” is Bailey the beluga whale. Each Friday, a student will get to take Bailey home for the weekend. Bailey travels in his own bag, which includes books about beluga whales and a journal. Please help your child record her or his adventures with Bailey in the journal. Feel free to include photos, writing and drawings.