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Third Grade Curriculum


The Grade 3 Classroom has a balanced literacy block everyday. A balanced literacy block is split among the various parts of literacy instruction. This includes reading, writing, word study, listening, and speaking.

During the balanced literacy block, students will read in small guided reading groups based on their reading level four times a week with their literacy teacher. We will focus on various skills including strengthening comprehension, predicting, making connections, vocabulary, decoding, and reading with intonation. Students will also express themselves through writing. Balanced literacy helps students develop a lifelong love of both reading and writing. Balanced literacy includes small and whole group instruction, modeling by the teacher, and independent work by students.

Students will receive a new spelling list every Monday. Spelling lists will correspond to a phonics lesson. Students will be assessed on their spelling words on Friday. Students will have opportunities to practice at school throughout the week, but we also encourage you to practice spelling words at home.

Collins Writing Program:

St Peter has implemented the Collin’s Writing Program in all grades. Students will not only have the opportunity to write during balanced literacy but will also be writing in other curriculum areas, such as social studies, math, and science. For each writing assignment students have goals which consist of: mechanics, organization, style, and content. Students are reminded of these goals at the beginning of each assignment. This program helps students to build strengths in each of these areas and to implement them in their writing. This program helps students practice writing in a systematic way that includes various types/stages of writing:

  • Type 1 and Type 2: Prewriting/Planning
  • Type 3: Drafting
  • Type 4 and Type 5: Editing with three goals.


Math is an important piece of the Third Grade curriculum. Students will take part in a daily math lesson and receive math homework almost every weeknight. St. Peter School uses the Saxon Math Program. This program is based on helping students discover, master, and apply mathematical concepts. It includes three daily practices within each lesson. Each lesson includes a power up section, new concepts, and a written practice. Math tests are given every 5 lessons.

Grade 4’s Teacher Ms. Elwood is teaching math to Grade 3 this year. She can be reached at


St Peter has acquired a new religion program, Sadlier’s We Believe. It will be used weekly to nurture your child’s relationship with Jesus. Students will study 4 units in religion this year: Jesus Gave Us the Church, We are Members of the Church, The Church Leads Us in Worship, and We Are Called to Discipleship.


The Third Grade science program is the Nancy Larson Science Program which is taught by Ms. Cussen. The units that will be covered in Grade 3 include: The Solar System, Periodic Table of Elements, States of Matter, Meteorology, and the Earth’s surface.

Please visit Nancy Larson Science online for more information.

Social Studies

In social studies, we will be studying the Pearson My World Social Studies: We are Connected curriculum. The units we will study include: our communities, our environment, America’s first peoples, United States government, citizenship, and celebrating our culture.

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