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    Second Grade Curriculum at St Peter

    Guided Reading

    Guided reading is used in the classroom in small-group instruction and for independent reading. When your child enters a new grade he or she is assessed and assigned a guided reading level based on word-knowledge, comprehension, and fluency. The levels range alphabetically from A to Z, with level A representing the lowest level and level Z the highest. This allows the teacher to work closely with each student to help them become better readers by introducing them to increasingly challenging books while meeting the varying instructional needs of each child in the room through guided reading.


    Our phonics program, “Wilson Fundations,” is a systematic, sequential, and multi-sensory program that teaches children the relationship between letters of written language and the individual sounds of spoken language. In addition to the phonics program, your son or daughter will have a weekly spelling list. On Mondays I will give a pretest with words from the spelling workbook and sight word list. Students will have ample opportunity to practice their words at school throughout the week, but we also encourage them to practice spelling them at home. For homework, students will be responsible for a unit a week in their spelling workbook. The unit covers a rule that we will be learning that week, such as short a, short o, and etc. The workbook is due every Friday. I suggest that they do two pages a night. By doing this they will get many opportunities with seeing their spelling words and sight words. Once we have gone over a sight word and put it up on our word wall, students are responsible for spelling the word correctly in his or her writing. The word wall is a “tool” to help children remember how to spell the word.


    Writing is a critical skill developed in Second Grade. Students will have the opportunity to not only write in language arts but will also be expected to writing in other curriculum areas, such as science and social studies. St. Peter School uses the Collins Writing Program. The Collins Writing Program helps students learn about the writing process in a systematic way through five types of writing:

    • Type 1 and Type 2- Prewriting/ Planning
    • Type 3- Drafting
    • Type 4 and Type 5- Editing with three goals

    For each writing assignment students have three goals: mechanics, organization, style, and content. Students are reminded of these goals at the beginning of each assignment. This program helps students to build strengths in each of these areas and to implement them in their writing.

    Our expectation is that by the end of Second Grade, students will be able to write two paragraphs with beginning sentences, three example sentences, and ending sentences that focus on one topic. In each paragraph students will be able to use the appropriate punctuation and will know synonyms for words.


    Students in 2nd Grade use the Zaner-Bloser G.U.M (Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics) text. Students will learn how the English language is structured and how to integrate this knowledge into their reading and writing. Students in 2nd grade focus on Sentence Structure, Parts of Speech, Verb Tense, and irregular conjugations.


    In 2nd grade, students will continue to practice their Manuscript (printed) Handwriting and will move on to learning cursive. Students will work on letter Shape, Size, Spacing, and Slant with the purpose of making their handwriting neat and legible.


    Math is an important piece of the Second Grade curriculum. Students will take part in a math lesson every day. For homework they will be given two worksheets: one worksheet is the “Fact Practice,” and the other worksheet goes over new material we have completed in class. Your child will be assessed on every five lessons.

    The assessments will be a review of what we covered in those five lessons. St Peter School uses the Saxon Math Program. The Saxon Math Program provides many opportunities for children to learn through use of tools and objects. Students will learn new strategies to help them figure out answers to different types of problems. Students will focus on topics such as multi-digit addition/subtraction, geometry, fractions, word problems, multiplication, and more.


    At St Peter we use the Sadlier We Believe program to nurture your child’s relationship with Jesus. This year your child may be receiving their First Communion so religion is a crucial part of their education. It is my job to ensure that they learn more about the Catholic religion. The We Believe program will help us celebrate and live our Catholic faith.


    The Second Grade science program, Nancy Larson Publishers, allows children to explore topics, such as interactions of living and nonliving things, energy and motion, rocks and minerals, solids, liquids and gases, and ornithology (the study of birds). Students will have many opportunities to do experiments and hands-on projects where they are using their observation skills.

    Social Studies

    In Grade 2 at St Peter we use Pearson’s myWorld Social Studies. As a class we learn about communities and our country, people and places, the world around us, different cultures, American’s past, America’s heroes. Students will use their workbook to develop and understanding of society past and present and also learn how to navigate non-fiction text through various activities in class.


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