Eve Encinas-Loncar - Director of Advancement

Mark Smith

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Undergraduate Degree - Business Management, from Academy Pacific Travel College (1999)



One of my favorite things about SPS is our school gives its educators, staff, and supporters a chance to influence the lives of young people. I am inspired by all who contribute to student learning, whether it's in the form of teaching a lesson, working with a student one-on-one, or helping to maintain the learning environment. The SPS educators set a good example for the next generation of learning and beyond.   


I love spending time with my family, traveling overseas, learning new recipes, running with my Goldendoodle - Maxwell, attending rock concerts, and volunteering in non-profits that I am passionate about. 


Favorite Memory - SPS is blessed to have a diverse community. SPS takes pride in our annual International Night which wraps-up Catholic Schools Week. The event is a free, fun-filled family event showcasing the taste and tour of the world!  We have families and staff representing their country of origin by displaying arts & crafts and food. It's such a wonderful evening celebrating the international diversity of SPS.


My Education Ispiration - I have worked in hotel management for nearly 20 years and devoted my spare time volunteering in non-profits fundraising for initiatives that means a great deal to me at a personal level. Fundraising is not easy but, there is nothing like it.  I enjoy looking out for the opportunity, seeking it, and asking for it. I continue to come away with supporters' own stories and feeling moved by their unforgettable memories/reasons why they want to help.  I often returned humbled from the people I had met but, always feeling totally inspired. It makes you a better fundraiser.

Interesting Fact about me - My daughter graduated from SPS in 2014. During my time as an SPS parent, I enjoyed volunteering as a co-room parent and rolling my sleeves in the fundraiser efforts.  I feel being a parent first helps me communicate the importance of the faith-based education offered here.  Sharing first hand my family's personal experience helps communicate to supporters on why it's instrumental to invest in an SPS education

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