Ashley Davis

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My Undergraduate degree is in Elementary Education
(Eastern Michigan University)


My Masters degree is in Science Education grades 1-8 (Lesley University)


I love having the same students for multiple years, I feel like I get a chance to really get to know them as people and as students. It is an incredible experience watching them grow within that amount of time and I'm honored to be a part of it.

Afterschool activities - I am currently not doing any after school programs, but in the past I have run a Portal Club where students programed video game levels and I've done a girls STEM club.


Outside of St. Peter School - Most of my time is taken up by my adorable little guys. In my free time I curl. I'm in a league that plays once a week and I have been doing it for a few years now. One accomplishment is that I helped write the Nancy Larson 5th grade science curriculum.


"One of my favorite memories at Saint Peters is when students who have graduated come back to visit and say hi. I am always so touched that they take the time to come back and I love catching up with them."


Education inspiration - When I was taking college courses I realized that my favorite ones were the science classes. I decided that I wanted to focus mainly on science so I could spread my enthusiasm for the subject to my students.

Interesting Fact about me - For the past couple of years I have worked at the museum of science with the overnight program.

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