Anna Cashin - Grade 5

Anna Cashin Grade 5

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Outside of School:

I enjoy doing a variety of New England outdoor activities! I love to hike, swim and ski. When I am not moving around outside I can be found reading a book, or spending time with family and friends. 

Undergraduate Degree - Bachelor of Science from James Madison University

Graduate Degree - Master of Arts in Teaching from James Madison University


What inspired you to become an educator: I have known that I wanted to be a teacher from the day that I began talking. My dolls (and younger siblings sometimes) would sit in front of an old chalkboard and listen to me teach them about the alphabet, adding numbers to ten, and anything else I thought they should learn that day. Both of my parents are educators, my mom a teacher and my dad a principal, and they each inspired me in their own ways to join the education world for myself. I watched my mom get visits from high schoolers who she taught in second grade, thanking her for how much she had cared about them. I watched my dad give advice to teachers, new and veteran, who to this day will still reach out if they need support. The connections that can form in the classroom have the potential to make differences in the lives of others -- and that is what I hope to do! 


Favorite teaching memory:


 "Even though last year was my first year of teaching, it is hard to choose a favorite memory! I loved being in the classroom and am looking forward to another great year with a new group of students. One memory that does hold an extra special place to me is the March Madness Tournament of Books my students and I did last year. Seeing them get so excited to read a new book and then discuss it with one another was so heartwarming."


Fun Fact -I am working on becoming a member of the Four Thousand Footer Club in New Hampshire! In order to achieve this, I need to hike 48 mountains in New Hampshire, all of which are 4000 feet or more :)



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