Anita Kinkead

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Favorite memory at SPS
 The first christmas pageant I attended. I was blown away by the talent of our students.


Outside of School - I practice yoga daily and I love to hike in the New Hampshire

>> mountains with my husband on weekends.

My name is Anita Kinkead and this is my fourth year at St. Peter's School. I hold a Masters Degree in Education and I am a few credits shy of a second masters in French studies.

SPS Activities - This is my second year running the French club where we learn the basics such as counting, singing and making activities in french.

What inspired you to become a teacher - As a child growing up in Senegal, I was lucky to attend catholic schools and I noticed early that the help we had at home could not read or write and I remember sitting them down next to a blackboard and teaching them the little that I knew at the age of 7. 


"I love the school's atmosphere. My colleagues and the staff are the best and the children have my heart. I look forward to seeing the students every day and I feel responsible for each one of them. As adults, we have an obligation to educate all of them so they will be the best men and women of tomorrow."


Interesting fun fact about me - I am number 6 of 8 children dispersed throughout the world. If you attend any of my family parties, there are at least five different languages being spoken. I have a sister in Berlin, Germany, a brother in Oslo, Norway, a sister in Goteborg, Sweden and a sister in Vienna, Austria.

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