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Chromebook Frequently Asked Questions

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St. Peter Tech Vision Statement

student opens laptop

Opening the Chromebook bag for the first time during Thursday evening’s meeting

students in classroom

Grade 6 is ready to work in Mr. Mahmud’s Social Studies class

teacher and classroom

Mr. Mahmud demonstrates the online Social Studies textbook

Technology at St Peter

Over the past four months, St. Peter School has taken multiple steps to implement  our commitment to facilitate innovative and effective 21st Century learning, and engage our students using digital learning technology. The creation of the Media Center, outfitted with 28 new Chromebooks, an upgraded secure Wi-Fi network, and hiring of an Education Technology Specialist are all examples of St. Peter School’s focus on improving student learning outcomes by using technology to engage in greater student-centric learning.

Students in Grades 4-8 have been issued school-owned Google User ID’s and passwords, allowing students access to school-owned Google Apps for Education and Drive. The student Google Accounts give students access to the following:

  • Online collaboration and submission for writing and research assignments.
  • Creation of presentations and spreadsheets.
  • Receiving digital content, i.e. Essays, worksheets, study guides, etc.

Immediately, students will have greater access to learning opportunities in Technology class, and students will have greater accessibility to digital content provided by teachers.

For more information about technology at St Peter, please contact Mrs. Lewis-Bowen (, or Mr. Delaney  (

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