Q?Do you have a Family Handbook?

Yes! Every year families are asked to review and agree to the policies laid out in our family handbook. You can find this year’s edition right here:

St Peter School Family Handbook 2019-2020 School Year

Q?What time does school begin?

Although classes begin at 8:00 a.m., it is recommended that students get here no later than 7:45 so they are able to unpack, unload and prepare for the start of the day.

You can get here as early as 7:30 a.m.; this is when we open up the cafeteria. Students come into the teacher-monitored cafeteria and at 7:45 they make their way to their classrooms.

Q?What time does the school day end?

K1 and K2 are released at 2:20, Grades 1-4 at 2:30 and Grades 5-8 are released at 2:45.

Q?Are there any after school activities?

Yes, Each year the after school offerings are varied based on what classroom teachers will offer. Past activities have included a soccer/running league, Spanish club, and a yoga group among others.

We typically have a winter basketball league for grades 5-8, and gym hockey league starting in January. Gym hockey is open to students in grades 4-8.

Our big spring production rehearsal schedule will also offer plenty of time for after school enrichment for those children in grades 4-8 who participate in the play. See the Enrichment section of the website to find out more about this year’s School Play.

We also mount a beautiful Christmas Pageant during the Christmas season. Each and every student from every grade participates in this joyous celebration. The pageant is organized by Mr. Mooney, our music teacher and choir director. The show contains singing, dancing and a dramatic retelling of the Nativity story.

Q?Are there any early release days during the year?

Yes, you will receive a calendar which will reflect the early release days in the mail this summer. The calendar is also visible on our website.


Q?Is there any parking on campus?

Unfortunately there is not. During pick up and drop off times there is no need to get out of your car. In the morning you simply drive to the side entrance via Manassas Street and have your child walk into the cafeteria. Please do not get out of your car in the driveway or attempt to stop in any free spaces as all spaces are assigned to staff.  A teacher will be outside to help your child get out of the car safely and enter the cafeteria where there is another teacher supervising arrivals. At the end of the day drive to the same area and your child will be waiting with his/her class outside.   If you are picking up your child from afterschool there will be spots available for you later in the day to park and run in and collect your child.


Q?Are their any opportunities to get involved in the school?

Yes, the parent association meets once a month (first Wednesday of the month) to discuss school life and upcoming events in the school calendar. We have multiple fund raisers throughout the year such as Octoberfest, the Gala Auction and the golf tournament.  Additionally, there are many opportunities to help out by chaperoning field trips, reading to classes during library time, doing projects in coordintion with the teacher, and other things as needed.  (Please note that to volunteer with at the school at any time you must have filled out a CORI form with the front office.)  For more information, visit the  Parent Association page.

Q?Is there a drama/music program at the school?

Yes, each year we launch a spring musical production which is open to students in grades 4-8. On occasion there will be some roles for younger students depending on the production. There is also usually a drama elective as part of the elective program offered to grades 5-8.

During the month of December we also produce a beautiful Christmas pageant that each and every student is involved in as part of their class.

Q?When does science instruction begin?

Our science program has expanded greatly this year with the addition of the Nancy Larson Science program into our K2 through fourth grade classrooms. Our K2 class has science twice weekly, and grades one through four have science class three times per week.

Starting in grade 5 they have class with Ms. Ashley Davis in the science lab.

Gr. 5 and 6 have four 50 minute lessons per week in lab.

Gr. 7 and 8  have five 50 minute lessons per week in lab.

Q?When do students begin a foreign language?

Spanish is offered:

K1 – Gr. 4 – one lesson per week.

Gr. 5 – 6 – two lessons per week.

7 & 8 – three lessons per week

Q?Where can I buy uniforms?

Uniforms can be purchased at Lands End and our uniform supplier, J.B. Edwards. (More detailed uniform information was in your Admissions packet and can be found here – Uniform Information). We also hold used uniform sales at some school events throughout the year. These are publicized through the school newsletter and emails to parents.

Q?If my child isn’t Catholic, do they need to participate in Mass?

All children attending St. Peter School will receive Catholic religious education, and are expected to go to Mass every Thursday morning with their class when we gather as a school to celebrate. Our Thursday morning celebrations are a wonderful way for the school/parent community to come together each week and are an integral part of the education at St Peter School.  No child is required to receive the Eucharist and in fact, many choose to remain seated respectfully during that part of the Mass.

Q?Do you have a detention policy, and at what age does it start?

Yes, detention for major infractions starts in fifth grade and is given the day after the infraction.  More detailed information regarding the detention policy can be found in the St. Peter School Student Handbook 2019-2020.

Q?Does my child have recess?

Yes, there are two scheduled recess times per day. Children go outside when it is above freezing. They go to the gym on inclement weather days. In grades seven and eight students do not have a designated morning recess. They do receive a 5-10 minute break in the morning. They also have a 10 minute break after lunch. In the better weather (Fall & Spring) the 7th and 8th grades breaks tend to be extended by a few minutes.

Q?Is there any early daycare?

Yes, our beloved 7th grade teacher, Mr. Gray is an early riser. Mr. Gray provides a holding spot (the 7th grade classroom, lower church) for children who need to be dropped off earlier than 7:30. Mr. Gray opens up his classroom each morning by 7:00 am. There are a handful of families who utilize this service. Mr. Gray does this free of charge.

Q?How do the K1 students get their lunch?

Lunch is served to the K1 students; they do not have to negotiate the lunch line.

Q?What is the application procedure?

We have open enrollment and you can apply anytime, although  admissions usually are most active during the fall and early winter.  Of course, the earlier you apply the better chance you have of getting in before the classes fill up.

As part of the process, the student and family meet with the admissions department and with the prospective teacher at which point a decision will be made and communicated to the family.

Once your child is accepted we like to have them in for a shadow day where possible where the student can spend the day with his or her future classmates.

If there are no slots available the child can be placed on a waitlist.  Mr. Smith will contact the family when openings appear.