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    A Snapshot of Grade Seven English Language Arts

    Major works we read:

    • Chains By Laurie Halse Andersen
    • Tangerine By Edward Bloor
    • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer By Mark Twain
    • A Midsummer Night’s Dream By William Shakespeare

    In our study of literature, students also read an assortment of classic poems, shorts stories, and non-fiction organized into three separate themes. Authors studied include: Robert Frost, Sandra Cisneros, Edgar Allan Poe, Amy Tan, Alice Walker, Anna Quindlen, Alex Haley, Ray Bradbury, O. Henry, Rudyard Kipling, Barbara Jordan, Laurence Yep, Charles Dickens, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    Term 1: Independence and Identity
    Term 2: Building Community
    Term 3: Heroes and Legends
    Writing projects we develop:

    • Book Reviews
    • Letters to the Principal
    • The Missing Scene from The Monsters are Due on Maple Street
    • Poetry
    • Persuasive writing to Improve Community
    • Holiday Shopping Product Analysis and Review
    • Volcano Research Paper
    • American History Research Paper

    Students keep a writing portfolio and are assessed using the Collins Writing Program. Each step of the writing process is taught and practiced. In class students learn and use the traits of writing to improve their work. Writing projects, whenever possible, are written for an authentic audience and purpose. Students frequently use the class message board to communicate with each other and post writing projects for collaboration.

    Skills we cultivate:

    • Acquiring and using new vocabulary words
    • Learning and practicing the steps of the writing process
    • Being active readers
    • Responsibly using technology as a tool for communication and collaboration
    • Participating actively in literature circles
    • Analyzing word usage
    • Studying the mechanics of grammar and syntax
    • Diagramming sentences!

    Structured grammar and vocabulary lessons are an important part of the curriculum. Students learn how to apply their knowledge of grammar, usage, and mechanics to their own writing projects using the Collins Writing Program. Collaboration and teamwork are essential as students focus on improving communication skills in both speaking and writing.