Class updates

    Sixth Grade “In a Nutshell”



    Major works we read:

    • Holes By Louis Sachar
    • Bridge to Terabithia By Katherine Patterson
    • Missing May By Cynthia Rylant
    • Number the Stars By Lois Lowry

    While studying Language Arts, sixth grade read, investigate, and comprehend a collection of poetry, short stories, non fiction literature, and plays. Developing research strategies and collection of valid information is practiced throughout the year. The goal of sixth grade is creating and active student learners.

    Writing Projects we develop:

    • Saint Biography
    • Poetry Compilation
    • Poet Research and Poem Analysis
    • Book Compare and Contrast
    • Bullying Op/Ed
    • Argumentative Writing

    Students maintain a portfolio throughout the year. Student writing is assessed using the Collins Writing Program. Through the use of FCAs, Focus Correction Areas, students learn and practice the steps of the writing process.

    Skills we cultivate:

    • Learning and practicing the process of writing
    • Identifying and using new vocabulary
    • Learning to be an active learner, reader, participator and notetaker
    • Responsibly using technology for educational communication and collaboration
    • Studying and identifying the mechanics of grammar

    Math we investigate:

    Sixth grade students are exposed to content in small incremental steps; students practice and compute new concepts, which are introduced in each lesson. Using Saxon Math, Course 1, the curriculum increases over the course of the year, building in its complexity. This creates a confident student fluent in the required mathematical concepts.